Kettle For boiling water to make tea
Tea Towel For cleaning & drying utensils, especially wiping water under the tea pot before pouring tea into cups.
Tea Tray A tray to place all teaware & utensils.
Tea Pot An important feature in preparing tea.
Liddedbowl Use as the tea pot.
Tea Pitcher To maintain the consistency & texture of tea from steeping too. (long)
Tea Cup For serving tea.
Filter For filtling the sediments.
Tea Container To store tea leaves.
Tea Receptacle For showing the tea leaves to quests for aesthetic appreciation.
Cup Saucer For a proper serving of tea with cup.
Tea Tongs For handling & cleaning teaware.
Tea Scoop For scooping up tea leaves from tea canister.
Tea Needle To clear tea leaves from tea pot spout.
Tea Stick To dredging pot hole.
Funnel For channeling tea leaves into the tea pot.

Brewing Hints


Getting ready Place all tea utensils in proper order.
Warming the Teapot & tea cups Warm teapot and tea cups by rinsing with boiling water.
Putting tea leaves Into the teapot Scoop tea leaves with the tea scoop into teapot. The quantity of tea leaves depending on one's individual liking.
Warming up Pour boiling water into teapot. Scrape bubles away using the teapot lid and cover. Rinse outer teapot with boiling water.
Brewing Pour away immediately the first brew. Filling up the teapot with boiling water and place properly the teapot lid. Rinse outer teapot with boiling water. Let the tea infuse for some time.
Pouring out the tea Pour all the tea into the tea pitcher, and transfer it into the cups. This is to maintain the consistency and texture of tea.
Cleaning the teapot Discarding of the sendiments by using tea needle, pour hot water for emptying out all sendimental residue from the teapot.
Tidying up Clean all the utensils by using hot water and dry it with tea towel. Finally return all the utensils to their palace.