Tea Storage Methods


A tea lover has to know how to store tea properly because good quality tea can quickly deteriorate, darken in color, lose its fragrance, acquire an unpleasant taste and even go moldy and undrinkable if it isn’t stored correctly. To prevent tea absorbing moisture and odor, reduce the impact of light and temperature, appropriate storage methods need to be taken. By the following methods the storage period of tea can be extended.

  1. After buying new tea it’s best to put it in a tea container as soon as you can. However, many tea containers have an unpleasant smell so it’s necessary to remove this smell before putting the tea in. This can be done by placing a small amount of tea in the container then shaking it about.
  2. Care also has to be taken over the choice of containers. Don’t use a metal or earthenware container intended for other uses or a glass bottle that light will penetrate to avoid affecting the quality of the tea. Metal containers that have outer and inner lids that can be sealed tightly are very suited to being used to store tea, however, it is best to use a tin container that is air tight and does not let in light.
  3. If a large amount of tea is purchased, put the small amount you need for daily use in a small container and the rest in a larger one.
  4. When taking tea from its container don’t grab it with your hands to avoid contaminating it with sweat or unpleasant odors. It’s best to take out the tea using a tea spoon.
  5. Don’t store the tea container in the kitchen or a damp place. It’s best to store it in a dark dry place.
  6. If you buy various kinds of tea it's best to store them in separate containers and label them with their name and the purchase date.