The Main Uses of Tea

Tea is mainly used as a drink, making an excellent drink that has attractive color, fragrance and taste. However, In addition to being used to drink, tea has many other special uses that could be described as having practical value in daily life. Tea has been part of life for thousands of years and over the years, naturally, many special uses have been developed. Some notable uses of tea are introduced below:

Eliminating bad breath : By gargling with strong tea infusion can eliminate bad breath.

Making tea eggs : To make the eggs, first boil eggs until they are done, then break the shell gently and add tea leaves and others ingredient to the water and continue to simmer, this way the tea flavor will be better absorbed by the eggs.

Tea pillow : Don’t throw away used tea leaves, dry them on a wooden board and accumulate over a period of time and they can be used as the filling for a pillow. It is said that tea pillows help refresh the brain and improve thinking ability. Seeing as tea is “cool”the idea that tea refreshes the brain isn’t without foundation.

Cooking Ingredients : Using tea as food seasoning can make the dishes more delicious and unique, give it a try.

Plant Fertilizer : Used tea leaves still contain organic salts, carbohydrates and other nutrients and if buried in the garden or in a plant pot they will help plants grow and reproduce.